Hello, I’m Bryan Johnson, owner of, the best SEO Internet Marketing Agency in Saint Michael.

I’m a bit different than the other SEO agencies because I do the work myself. I don’t have a bunch of Head Scratching questionable expenses from having a bunch of needless overhead that doesn’t benefit you. So,what does that mean? That means you’re getting the opportunity to receive the same (if not Much Better!!) service than what the big agencies give you at a fraction of the cost.

Plus you’re going to get Dominating results! If you type “Precision SEO Marketing” into Google you will see what I mean.

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Hey, hiring an SEO expert is a lot like hiring a contractor to do work on your house. You’re looking for somebody that specializes in a certain area and has your best interest in mind at ALL times. You are looking to build a relationship with someone to handle the tasks that need to get done on your house as time goes on.

Well, let’s be honest! All businesses need clients which we call traffic. You just don’t need clients every once in a while you need them consistently and all the time. If you don’t have new traffic (clients) coming to your business on a daily basis you won’t be in business very long. Being on the 1st page of Google is vital for every business. If you’re not on the 1st page you are losing money. And if you are not in the top 5 on the 1st page of Google you are really losing a lot of money. Let us handle your SEO Marketing needs.

I can help you dominate whoever your competition is. Give me a call at (763) 310-7714 to get started. (Leave a message if I don’t answer.)