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Why Do I Need SEO?

“Why is SEO important for my business? Is this really something I need?” If your company doesn’t come up on page one of Google, then you are losing sales to any competitors who are there on page one ahead of you. SEO is all about gaining visibility for your company and growing your online presence, in order to effectively connect with your prospective buyers. If your target audience is in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area, you will want a local SEO firm like Precision SEO Marketing which is attuned to your community and consumers.

Are you still wondering “What is SEO and how does it work?”

Don’t worry, you are not alone. It’s a common question.

SEO stands for search engine optimization– the process of optimizing your website and social media for the Google search engine. We’re talking about organic results here, which means that all of the web traffic you grow is free, as opposed to paid advertisements and search results.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo all use their own algorithms for ranking your site, according to how your web content matches up with specific search requests. These search engines have “spiders” to “crawl” your site, finding relevant pages and important keywords, and including them in the search index. When a consumer initiates a search for a service or product, Google will use their search index to locate the most optimized content for that particular query.

Why SEO Matters– Because Search Engines Matter!

These days the average person will click on to Google for just about any information they need, which makes the internet a tremendous source of customers for just about any business.  The higher on the page you rank, the more traffic will come your way. It’s as simple as that.

For example, have a look at the first page of Google search result when a customer is searching for the keywords: Minneapolis Custom Picture Framing

Looking at the statistics, it’s easy to see that business websites that appear on Page 1 for organic searches get the 75 – 90% of the traffic. Depending on the type of search terms used, websites that show up for the first three positions get the most views:

Position 1 – 33% – 50%

Position 2 – 15% – 35%

Position 3 – 9% – 20%

However, any position on Page 1 will bring you a consistent amount of traffic, and a smaller percentage of that traffic will become your customers. In a large metro areas like Minneapolis – St. Paul SEO to reach the first three top positions could take 8 to 12 months, depending on the competition in your niche. But to get to positions 4-10 will take less time, perhaps 3 to 8 months.

Is it worth the investment to keep going with SEO to reach one of the top three spots? In most cases, when you do the math, the answer is yes. Click to read how this calculation works in detail.

Getting on the first page for Google searches takes time, but as you work with your SEO marketing team at Precision SEO, your site will keep moving up. Don’t forget, SEO is an investment for the long-term success of your company. And like most long-term processes, it brings steady, solid results.

What Does an SEO Company Do?

A good Minneapolis SEO firm will take care of the day-to-day job of making sure that your site is climbing upward in ranking. When you work with Precision SEO Marketing, you’re outsourcing that job to a concerned partner, who will keep an eye on your ranking status every day, and make the necessary improvements to increase your page position and visibility.

Precision SEO Marketing will create a winning search engine marketing strategy, customized to your company.Our 5 Point Process for Winning Minneapolis – St. Paul Google Rankings

  1. WE LEARN about and research your business and identify a clear picture your SEO and website needs.
  2. WE DESIGN a personalized SEO strategy plan specifically for your company and industry that builds on your strengths and goals.
  3. WE WORK to create content, keyword strategy and linking, along with fixing any technical SEO issues.
  4. WE MONITOR AND ADJUST your site content and links, to continually improve your Google ranking.
  5. WE PROTECT your new and higher position by following Google updates and staying on top of new developments in search engine operations.

How can Precision SEO Marketing Help?

The majority of your potential clients will be searching for the product or service you provide via the internet and search engines. In contrast to using paid advertisements which target all types of consumers, the people who find you by way of organic search results are individuals who are interested exclusively in what your business has to offer. Thus, incorporating SEO into your marketing plan will give you a select pool of buyers who are ready to convert into paying customers.

We increase the buzz around your business by building good quality, relevant content and using up-to-date keyword research that targets the specific search terms used by your potential clients. More content and longer texts with relevant information and details enable your site to be viewed as a high-authority website by Google. We also periodically refresh your pages with new information, as well as updating well-performing content, to ensure that you retain you new and higher Google ranking position.

As your website and social media sites gain exposure, your SEO factors become even stronger and create a snowball effect. Therefore, in the long run, using SEO often results in a better ROI (Return on Investment) than other forms of advertising.

Would you like to see how your company in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Maple Grove, Minnetonka, or St. Michael can benefit from SEO?  Click here to contact Precision SEO Marketingfor a free analysis.

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